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Please review us on Google so we can hear what you think too! 

"Frankie was having a hard time moving around. Could barely walk up and down stairs or jump up on furniture. After giving her "The Joint Supplement", Frankie was acting like a puppy again! I swear by these supplements and recommend them to any dog with joint pain and older dogs having trouble moving around like they used to!"

--Frankie, 11 Year Old Terrior Mix

Gary's Dog

"River is a very active hunting beagle. We run rabbits most weekends the weather allows! Being outside and running through the brush all day caused River to have some dry and itchy skin. When giving River the "Skin and Coat Supplement", no more itch! I have even been receiving unsolicited compliments for how good his coat looks!" 

--River, 3 Year Old Beagle


"Willow, aka Willy, has been taking "The Joint Supplement" . I've noticed that she's been way more active lately with no limping! She used to limp a little after playing at the dog park for just like a few hours but now she runs out in the woods with her pal George for days and i can't even remember the last time I saw her express any hip discomfort. And on top of that she loves them more than any treat I've ever tried!"

--Willow, A Year and Half Old Shepard Mix


"We LOVE Healthy Pup Stuff! Since all of the supplements are made with real food, every time we open a new bag I take a little nibble and I can see why Axel loves them so much! It also makes me feel good to know that he is not only getting a treat for being a good boy, but that these supplements are healthy for his joints, skin and fur etc. 

--Axel, 9 Year Old Blue Heeler, Cattle Dog Mix


"Ellie and I swear by Healthy Pup Stuff! We have been using their products exclusively for over six months now, and there is no going back! Ellie loves the taste and I love the results! She used to have very itchy paws to the point where she could stop licking them. The "Skin and Coat Supplement" helped with this right away! We also use them for your every day treat when training or just feel like spoiling my baby!"

--Ellie, 5 Year Old Pitbull Terrior Mix 


"I would give these products a 10 star if it were possible. We first purchased a trial pack of the Skin and Coat Supplement during a trip to Columbus Ohio at the North Market. In the short 7 days we saw shedding reduced to almost non existent and her coat looks like she is professionally groomed daily. Even reduced her odor. I have a weiner/beagle mix and she has always shedded profusely, almost 3 times the amount over normal and we have tried many products. This one blew us away so we now order online. The owner knows her stuff and was very helpful. Everything is natural and ingredients are listed. Shipping was super fast and hassle free. Lifetime customers!"

--Google Review

We found Candace in columbus ohio, while we were walking around North Market one Saturday.
We bought the coconut mixture for our dog Charlie. He loves them and his breath is awesome!!
Love to support local,home grown business.

--Google Review

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