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Our Story

Hi there! I'm sure you're dying to know how these little supplements made it into the world. My name is Candace and I have always loved baking, health and of course dogs. The idea of an all natural supplement, that my pup (Arwen) loved but also aided in various health aspects, started in early 2019. We discovered Arwen had hip dysplasia when she was only six months old. Knowing I wanted to do everything that I could to help prevent the progression naturally, I began researching (a LOT of researching). To my surprise there was hundreds of AMAZING things for your dogs that are just laying around in stores. I started digging and separated everything that aided in joint health, and out came "The Joint Team". 


I figured, why stop there. Arwen's friend was having trouble eating a lot of the usual dog treats because of tummy problems. I decided to make that my next one. As time went on, more and more health issues came up that are very common among dogs. Every single ingredient is chosen carefully with only the exact outcome in mind. No filler ingredients are added and they are all natural. Only the best and everything there for a purpose and doing work. Healthy Pup Stuff was born from these ideas, support and participation from my family and Arwen's friends. We hope that your dog loves these supplements as much as they help. If there is ever a need or supplement you're looking to see, reach out! I am always trying to make and help more. 

Thank you for supporting this small business and promoting health and wellness for your dog!

Featured in Pic: Candace (Owner and Creator), Arwen (left) and Arwen's Pals

Featured in Pic: Candace (Owner and Creator), Arwen (left) and Arwen's Pals 

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