Created with only the key ingredients aimed at promoting joint health. Each ingredient targets the joints and brings them support and helps soothe your pups pain. Great for pups with arthritis and hip dysplasia


Sizes: Large - 10 oz  Regular - 5.5 oz

The Joint Supplement

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    • Salmon Oil -- contains EPA (an omega-3 fatty acid) acts as a powerful anti-inflammatory
    • Flax Seeds and Chia Seeds -- anti-inflammatory
    • Sweet Potato -- great for sensitive stomachs and high i beta-carotene (helpful in fighting inflammation)\
      • Inflammation is one of the biggest causes for pain in their joints - reducing that can change your dogs pain and have them feeling better fast
    • Spelt Flour -- regular flour substitute that is easier for dogs to digest and are less reactive to dogs with grain allergies
    • Brown Rice Flour -- great for digestion and sensitive stomachs

    Ingredients Include: Sweet Potato, Organic Spelt Flour, Brown Rice Flour, Alaskan Salmon Oil, Organic Chia Seeds, Organic Flax Seeds, Water, Baking Soda